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Kraft foods Complaint - Consumer complaint - Customer service
Kraft foods Complaint

Kraft foods Complaint


Consumer complaint - Customer service

Where can a customer go to get answers from Kraft foods if they have a consumer complaint about a Kraft product.

Is their a website to go to.

Does Kraft foods have a customer service team that follows online reviews?

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Pegd says: (1 year ago)
I recently bought a box of Taco Bell crunchy &I soft dinner kit. As I prepared my meat, I opened the box to find out there was no taco seasoning mix inside. Although I'm sure it was a factory mistake, I would have been very upset had I not had an extra packet. Just beware and check package before you start to cook.

cmusolf47 says: (3 years ago)
Had my second box of macaroni and cheese dinner and had to throw it out Twice now I've had to do this. They had no flavor what so ever. Purchased from Sam's, 6 boxes or so in bulk. Bar code on the last box is 21000 65371. I'm a little hesitant to purchase again. Disappointed in Colorado. Thought you should know.

Bulgarius says: (3 years ago)
The worst cottage cheese I've tasted. Very paste-like consistency. Bland. Grew up on a dairy farm. I know cottage cheese.

buddyjewel1 says: (4 years ago)
Just a few quick questions....1. Is there going to be jello in black raspberry flavor again? 2. Can you make Whip and Chill again? Our favorites from the past. Thank you, Bonnie Dodd

granderik606 says: (4 years ago)
Your Velveeta cheese is very salty. I wish you would improve and make a lower salt Velveeta cheese. There are a lot more health concerns in our society and salt is a big one. It didn't use to be as salty. What happened? Please consider.

minmay says: (4 years ago)
In te past the "planters" cocktail peanuts wer e packed in tin cans. the cardboard containers ( 16 oz just do not measure up . the true peanut taste disappears after a short time. We are hoping you will again pack pack the peanuts in tin cans Thanks

David Landsbergen dlgl920@columbus.rr.com

bigreddragon says: (5 years ago)
I went to supermarket today and purchased some Kraft Singles 97% fat free - never had problems before, but this packet of 24 just 'fall' - and I mean that literally - to pieces to which end I have ickky looking cheese on sandwiches and crackers. Not Happy.

L.A. Smith
10 Stacey Place

jrob says: (5 years ago)
Dear Kraft, You've made a big mess of your French onion dip! It used to be the best on the market. Now I'm trying another dip that's worth a flip. So far, other dips are all a hell-of-a-mess too. When you get away from that "Simply dips" and go back to your best recipe, is when I'll start buying it again.

Rickd says: (5 years ago)
My family and I purchased a box of the Velveeta Chilli Cornbread Caserole all was well till the cornbread mix. That was truly gross please reconsider that cornbread mix.

crystallight says: (5 years ago)
I recently purchased 2 flavors of the liquid crystal light. One was the peach bellini because peach is my favorite. However, I am very disappointed because it tastes nothing like peach. In fact I desliked it so much that I cannot use it.

leezz917 says: (5 years ago)
This is the second time I have bought your marshmellows and they are gooey and all stuck together. What's up with that? I can't trust the product anymore.

kel2col says: (5 years ago)
I bought your sure jell for making freezer jam and altho it said there instructions in the box, there were none. Many people do not have computers to look up the recipes and also I used a yellow box the first time and all was well, but I picked up a pink box the second time and used the same recipe 2 c of crushed berries, 4 c of sugar and I put the box of pectin in 1 c of water and boiled it on the stove and stirred it into the sugar/berry mixture as I had the other batch, but it is not setting up. Elsie lc1935@att.net

Trost says: (5 years ago)
I am dissapointed and concered about the use of dyes in your product. There are many good healthy alternative that can be utilized. In your Jello product make the healthy use the actual fruit to color and flavor. Use sweetner stiva to reduce the amount of sugar needed. Red 40 and other of these pigments have no place in product targeted at our children. MSG and the related compound are just as unneeded and completely unwarrented in you product keep Kraft on the top shelf create products that build our nations health not deter from it, in any avoidable way. You are a national icon company reward the customers with good health.

Thanks for listening.

Deloachr says: (5 years ago)
I am disgusted with Kraft management"s rejection of calls to eliminate harmful food additives. The fact that they think it is OK to poison US Citizens with additives that are outlawed in Europe - and to charge us significantly more for foods without additives - shows their arrogance and greed. I am going to boycott companies that do not voluntariily rid their products of harmful food additives and will not buy a box of Kraft Macaroni and cheese again (or any of their other products) until they change their response to market demands.

jvkfrd says: (5 years ago)
Kraft Mayo.

I was happy to discover the cylinder shapped large opening mayo container a few years back. That made it much easier to get the product out of the container. Now it appears you've 'improved'
the packaging by making the cap and opening smaller....even smaller than comparable competitors packaging. I really don't see this as an improvement. I'd suggest returning to that was more user friendly. It just seems like you're going in the opposite direction of what the consumer wants.....or is that the plan?

J Forde

carodarte says: (5 years ago)
Please explain to me why you would pull Sugar Free Cafe Vienne off of the market? It was and still is my favorite drink and I do not like foo foo coffees, so you know it has to be good. Not a good move Kraft, not a good move at all!

krellide says: (6 years ago)
kraft simply cottage cheese is the worst thing i have ever eaten, it makes me want to puke. really. do you taste test this product before sending it out to consumers. shame, shame, shame. garbage,

monty says: (6 years ago)
I recently purchased a can of Planters mixed nuts. I poured it in a bowl for guests and was shocked to see 2 pecans and 2 brazil nuts, really, 2 of each. Very disappointed and will look for a different brand with a better mix. Any comment Kraft???

Ranaye says: (6 years ago)
Crawford Industries in Thomasville, Ga make bacon boards for kraft. The building in Thomasville, Ga is infested with bugs, rats, lizards,birds, & all types of bugs. I don't even eat bacon after going out there to take mu husband lunch one day.

saynotothindip says: (6 years ago)
Why are y'all making your dips thinner, they ate runny now so please change them back the way they were cause they suck now

amossb says: (6 years ago)
I bought a box of Wheat Thins - love them because the crackers are toasted whole grain crunch. Well this box wasn't. They were thick crackers with no crunch. I threw the box away. What a disappointment as well as money being thrown away.
The tracking number was 4400003037.
Thank you. Ann Marie

ecinue75 says: (6 years ago)
I have been disappointed in the last two boxes of Premium Saltine Crackers I bought. Have you recently changed your recipe for these crackers?? I have used them for more than 50 years and now they seem to be harder or not as tender as they used to be? What has changed???

Eunice Walker

glhabby says: (7 years ago)
I'[m a 71 yr. old retiree. I use many of your products including
"Wheat Thins. I purchase a box a week. My last purchase of this item
was awful.Eventho the date on the box said best if used by 7Apr12,
they did not have their usual crispness. As a matter of fact I was very disappointed and threw them away. I purchased them at Walmart
and hope you can give some answer as to why this happened to keep
it from happening to someone else. I don't usually complain but I'm tired of taking the hit on a product I trust. Thank you for reading this. GL Habbyshaw,

AngryMaid says: (7 years ago)
I just sent my complaint to their link where consummers can request information about a product. Hopefully it gets to the correct source. Anne-marie, why does your URL not have any reference to the company's name... hum, maybe that's why we're skeptical about using it. Just SOMEBODY FIX THE HOney Maid GRAHAM Crackers... they have changed the recipe and they taste like baking soda!

dskamp1 says: (7 years ago)
What happened to your cottage cheese?? The simply kraft low fat cottage cheese that is? It tastes like eating a slice of cheese with the plastic wrapper still on it. No one in my family would eat it, so I had to throw it in the garbage. Thanks for wasting my hard earned money. What Happened to Kraft???

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