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Kraft foods Reviews

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  • Kraft French Onion Dip

    Kraft French Onion dip was always my favorite and I was very disappointed when I could not longer find it in any of the local supermarkets. I switched to another brand but always wished they would bring back the Kraft brand dip. I was so happy when I spotted a container of Kraft French Onion dip in my local Walmart for the first time in ages, I hastily bought it and a large bag of Ruffles and settled in that evening for a treat. To my surprise, this was absolutely nothing that resembled the favorite dip of mine. I was really disappointed. It is not very good at all and I won't be... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    franmarley's Picture   franmarley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Miracle Whip and High Fructose

    I very much like your product Miracle Whip. My mother used it and I have used it faithfully. However, as I've grown older, I've begun to read labels as I watch my health closer. I was greatly disappointed to see that high fructose corn syrup (hfcs) was listed as item #3 on the ingredient label. Hfcs is horrible for a person's health in general and one's liver specifically. Because of it's inclusion in your product, I will no longer purchase Miracle Whip. I will make a home made version to carry me through. It is disappointing to stop purchasing a product... More...
    sparrow963's Picture   sparrow963    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kraft Salad Dressings

    Hi I want to start by saying I love Kraft foods. PLEASE!!!! Will y'all consider making the original version of French Dressing, and the original version of Kraft Honey Mustard Dressing. Even if it's not made for the standard size bottle please make it for the small bottles. Not everyone loves the Creamy French Salad Dressing or the new and improved Honey Mustard Salad Dressing. Kraft Salad Dressings is all I will eat, so as of now I don't eat salads. I want to start back using only your products. Thanks for your time Leslie More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Leslie50's Picture   Leslie50    0 Comments   Comments
  • bitter coffee

    I purchase 8 cans of maxwell house international coffee each week and have done so for several years.recently the coffee from one of the cans tasted very bitter,I opened another can and it tasted fine,then I checked the dates and codes on the cans and found that the bitter can and the good can had the same dates but different codes.I checked the rest of the cans that I had on hand,(at this time I had 12 cans)and found three more cans with the same code as the bitter tasting one.In the past week I have sampled coffee from several more of the cans with same code as the bitter tasting... More...
  • Mold in my Pudding

    I sat down one day to enjoy a Hershey's Chocolate Flavor Pudding. However, to my dismay, when I peeled off the aluminum seal there was a quarter sized dollop of green mold sitting in the middle of my pudding... I took a picture. Everyone that I have shown has been absolutely appalled because of the size and color. I'm appalled because that was the first cup that I took from the package... Not sure what happened at the factory to allow such a monstrosity to be put on the shelves but I'm definitely more hesitant to buy the product. If my elderly father had grabbed the moldy... More...
    Jllund1350's Picture   Jllund1350    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kraft All Natural Mild Cheddar is not real cheese

    I bought the block of Kraft All Natural Mild Cheddar Cheese expecting it to be like regular cheese. It's really velveeta. You can't slice it, it goos on the knife. It doesn't taste like real cheese, it tastes like velveeta. We were so sad. It definitely ruined the dinner that night. I tried to give it to a couple people and no one wanted it. So we're stuck with it. All Natural Mild Cheddar Cheese doesn't not indicate that it is velveeta type cheese. Please fix. More...
    ksntx's Picture   ksntx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Labeling on DELUXE American cheese

    I purchased a 3 lb. box of American deluxe cheese because I can only find that at Walmart (44663) only to get home and find out that in smaller letters it said "individually wrapped" which of course meant that even though I paid a higher price for "DELUXE" what I in fact received was that thin rubbery watery product that I could have gotten for 1.50 a pound anywhere. This label is incredibly misleading and in no way should this box be labeled as "DELUXE AMERICAN". Now I am stuck with 3 pounds of "cheese" that I can do nothing with but throw away. This... More...

  • Kraft 16OZ Sharp Cheddar Cheese mold in package

    I recently purchased a 1 pound Kraft sharp cheddar cheese block in sealed package from Wal-mart in Mustang OK. The date code on the package: 27-AUG-2015-11-09-04 ;30 The seal on the package appeared intact, I opened the package to start using the product and foound the end of the cheese block covered in green mold. I attempted to contact Kraft directly, but could find no format for reporting problems with products. I wonder how many other packages failed in this manner. I will probably switch to another brand as Kraft appears unwilling to allow complaints. More...
    Blitzfike's Picture   Blitzfike    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Ever

    I usually buy Kemps or Breakstone cottage cheese but when shopping they were sold out so instead of opting for the store/generic brands I decided to try another major brand of cottage cheese, Kraft. Where does this stuff come from? It tasted terrible and had a gritty consistancy. I will never make that mistake again. More...
    powdrpumpr's Picture   powdrpumpr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jello Sugar FreeFat Free Pudding MIx Nutrional Breakdown

    On the back of the Jell-O Vanilla Instant Pudding mix is the breakdown of elements included in each package of mix. The left column is "as packaged" and the right column is "as prepared" with 1/2 cup of fat free milk. The problem is that the sugars are left of the "as prepared" column. In each 1/2 cup of fat free milk, there are 6 grams of sugar. Please update your packaging to include these sugars in the "as prepared" column for those of us watching sugars. Thank you More...
    pg625's Picture   pg625    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kraft cheese singles

    We purchased 2 packages of the Kraft singles and both packages were defected or just cheap wrappers. At the top where you open the wrapper to uncover cheese was broken and the cheese was hard and had to be cut off and thrown out. Over half of the singles were like that. Well, we thought maybe it was just a bad package but bought 2 more and the same thing. Are you using cheap wrappers or what? Always loved Kraft cheese but seriously thinking about going to a different brand. Bought at Walmart. More...
    Mini901's Picture   Mini901    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fresh Take

    We love this product and just found out it has been discontinued!! It made meal preparation so easy and delicious. I can understand why it didn't catch on with consumers since no advertising done and no coupons to get people to try like I did and continued to purchase. I found the substitution for the product on Kraft Foods website, but the whole purpose of this product is to make prep easy and convenient! More...
    password1009's Picture   password1009    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect food labling

    I recently purchased a 1 pound size Colby cheese from a local Meijer store in Kalamazoo, MI and discovered that the cheese was very clearly NOT Colby. It tastes like Sharp cheddar to me. Although I actually enjoy sharp cheddar I can understand the extreme hazard to food mis-lableling should a consumer be allergic to the product for example. I only cut off a small piece from one end so the cheese is still in it's original packaging should you want it returned. My contact information is: James Hurst 25517 CR 653 Gobles, MI 49055 E mail: -or-... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)

    I went to Giant Eagle in Parma, OH and purchased a few boxes of your Crystal Light Energy drink that is suppose to contain ten packs of mixer per box. The flavors were Grape, and Wild Strawberry. The grape box had 7 out of ten packets that were filled and 3 completely empty... On the box it says it contains ten, but I figured that all ten will be filled with powder and not filled with air. I don't mind paying the price for these drink packets, but I would like all ten packs to be in the box and filled with the actual serving amount. This is not the first time this has happened and is... More...

Kraft foods Reviews By Product


Kraft foods Comments

mittens069 says: (2 years ago)
Why did Kraft discontinue sweet and spicy chipolte... Every time I went to the store they couldn't keep enough stocked so it seems it was popular.

KimyT says: (2 years ago)
Why did you change the recipe for you barbecue sauce? That was a terrible mistake. I hate it. It ruined my entire New Year's day meal. I cannot convey enough how much my family loves the original recipe. We've used it for several decades. However if it is not restored we'll have to go back to using Chris n Pitts. We all have different preference when it comes to our favorites. Mine is the Thick & Spicy Brown Sugar, so that's the one I want back in the stores again. My Mom loves the Thick & Spicy Honey, the onion bits, the Mesquite, and the original Hickory Smoke. Please bring them back, especially the Thick & Spicy Brown Sugar. My family barbecues all the time, so please rectify this soon, otherwise will have to discontinue using your product. Thanks! Very despondent in Houston Texas. P.S. If for some reason you are not bringing it back, please tell me where I can buy the remainder of the old recipe Thick & Spicy Brown Sugar, so that we may enjoy barbecue for a little while longer. Thanks! The Entire Tucker Family

alwaysaman says: (2 years ago)
The Original Premium Saltine Crackers I used to put in my soup now immediately turns to mush. Tomato soup now has the consistency of mashed potatoes. I will never buy these crackers again. I guess they tried to get rid of Trans Fats or something, but these "crackers" should be taken off the market.

classicwoodie says: (3 years ago)
3 or 4 months ago my wife and I bought a box of kraft macaroni and cheese, and that evening when we emptied the box into a pan of boiling water we found small black bugs in the macaroni. This completely ruined our appetites. the same exact thing happened this evening. the proof of purchase number on this most recent box is 2100065883. having this happen twice is about enough to make us swear off kraft food products for good

kiwi says: (3 years ago)
Dear Kraft, I have been buying Kraft Mac. and Cheese since l960. Love, Love the product, but wonder why the cardboard boxes are ALWAYS so darn difficult to break down. I adore the product so much that I never thought to complain until now because of Arthritis. Is it possible to produce an easy break down box? Thanks for listening. H. Jacobson

jeribmiller says: (3 years ago)
I have used your BBQ Shake 'N Bake for many years and have always loved it. However I used a box tonight that is labeled New! Great taste! It is terrible! It tastes like you took half of a pouch of the coating mix and stretched it out with fillers like flour and sugar. It had a completely different look and texture, and was very tasteless. I will NOT be buying it again!!! You had such a great product before; why mess with success? It was a MAJOR FAIL!!!

Joann68keller says: (3 years ago)
Love the flavor reduced calorie mayos!!! Love the bacon and chipolte! Hope it's not discontinued!!
I'm stocking up!!!

mmspecht33 says: (3 years ago)
Velveeta cheese I used all my life I'm 81 to make macaroni and cheese my family and ithink it's terrible Jon taste the same goes for kraft extra sharp cheddar cheese no taste miricle whip is disgusting you list a lot of things under ingredients first then you list eggs 7 th in line eggs and oil make mayo or dressing it's watered can't make deviled eggs or cole slaw the miricle whip breaks down you end up with watery eggs mushed and watery cole slaw I say good bye to you kraft unless you go back to the original receipes

ethel says: (3 years ago)
My last can of Calumet baking powder has small hard small bead like lumps, very unappetizing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bottom of can is--10 FEB 2015 XAO 18:46
the number below the SKU is
43000 28930
My email is
thank you ethel Paulson

jazlync says: (4 years ago)
I bought Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and I found for little maggots. very disgusting can't wait to call the company.

astoun says: (4 years ago)
the new packaging and price of Baker's chocolate bars is a ripoff. I will do my best to find another brand.

Mitzi11 says: (4 years ago)
Purchased simply Kraft French Onion dip. Tastes horrible and spoiled. What s up with the dip

vfspimeus says: (5 years ago)
Does your current TV commercial for Philadelphia Cream Cheese advertise your product or does it promote miscegenation? What exactly are you selling?

OscarMayerFan1 says: (5 years ago)
I am very offended by your use of the "Hallelujah Chorus" in your Oscar Mayer turkey commercial. Apparently you do not understand that "Hallelujah" is actually "Hail Yahweh" which is a Holy Term used to describe the "God" of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of Judaism and Christianity. The "Hallelujah Chorus" is often used in religious services, primarily at Christmas and Easter.
I oppose the use of this music for a secular commercial advertisement. Thank you. Respectfully, Roger A. Johnson

yooper says: (5 years ago)
I purchased your Jet-Puffed Stacker Marshmallows only to find that they have a nasty after-taste!! Anyone who tried them said the same thing! Yuck!!

sunni says: (6 years ago)
Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese is not at all like cottage cheese. It is has mushy consistency and no taste. I could not eat it even after I put some seasoning on it. Please rethink marketing this product. People should not spend their money on it. It was a big disappointment.

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